Biomeme & Predigen Merge to Enable Point-of-Care Delivery of Host Response Tests That Address Critical Unmet Needs in Healthcare

Written By: Biomeme Staff

Biomeme is excited to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Predigen, a spin-out from Duke University and global leader in the development of host gene expression signatures for use as prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic monitoring tools. This merger is the next step in a successful and innovative partnership. Combining Predigen's tests with Biomeme's portable gold-standard platforms will deliver a better diagnostic solution for use in diverse healthcare settings.

Read our full press release on our merger announcement here

Our Shared Goal

The CDC lists antimicrobial resistance as a national security threat.  According to the CDC, more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year, more than 35,000 people die, and the estimated national cost to treat infections exceeds $4.6B. In a joint effort to overcome these universal challenges, Biomeme and Predigen worked together to develop a Host-Response (HR-B/V) test that utilizes host gene expression signatures to detect the body’s response to a pathogen instead of detecting the pathogen itself.

Bacteria and viruses are different types of pathogens, which elicit distinct responses by our immune systems. The HR-B/V test could tell your healthcare provider whether your illness is due to a bacterial or viral infection. Armed with that knowledge, they could make more appropriate decisions about prescribing antibiotics. Biomeme’s portable quantitative real-time PCR platforms enable measurement of these host transcriptional response signatures for use in a wide variety of settings including, but not limited to, hospitals, emergency departments, physician offices, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, schools, cruise ships, employers, and military.

Our Past Partnership

Over the years, Biomeme and Predigen have worked successfully together on numerous projects, including the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Challenge and the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP, DoD). The companies have collaborated to support the Department of Homeland Security’s Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain DefenseThe NIH’s Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG) has also sponsored development of the Bacterial vs. Viral host response test with ongoing support for its validation.   

Although Biomeme’s current focus is to increase the availability of its rapid molecular tests for COVID-19 worldwide, we believe in the future of host-response as a cutting edge diagnostic tool. With Predigen’s deep host response knowledge and Biomeme’s expertise in qPCR consumables, hardware, and software, the new and improved team is equipped to launch their first host response diagnostic platform as early as 2023. It is only the first step in pursuit of a mutual vision to deliver precision medicine solutions wherever patients and providers need them. 

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