Biomeme, Inc. Partners With InnovaPrep for Beverage Quality Control

Written By: Biomeme Staff

InnovaPrep has partnered with Biomeme, Inc. to pair their expertise in liquid concentration for beverage quality control with our portable real-time PCR platform. Our collaboration will provide breweries and distilleries an end-to-end solution that increases the reliability of spoilage detection in beer, seltzer, ciders, and more, speeds up the testing process to same-day, and reduces labor costs typically associated with product hold times and/or recalls.

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The CP (Concentrating Pipette) Select™ by InnovaPrep enables rapid concentration of bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds, spores, and whole cells- delivering the most highly concentrated sample possible for subsequent analysis. That is where Biomeme comes in; quality control specialists at breweries can test the concentrated sample using Biomeme’s real-time PCR platform and get results in as little as 45 minutes. The solution is designed by scientists and built for better overall performance, yet enables users without PCR-expertise to easily run PCR wherever they need to.


Rapid, Reliable Results

In beverage manufacturing, it’s important to do quality control measures at every step, but you don’t want those efforts to slow down the overall process. By using both Biomeme and InnovaPrep technology, breweries can streamline their quality control processes by condensing the sample down and rapidly testing that sample to get same-day, gold-standard results. This saves breweries up to 7 days of hold-time, money, and ensures quality beverages.


Brand Integrity

With the rise of microbreweries, consumers have the power of choice. By implementing quality control measurements that use the latest technology, breweries are ensuring that the beer they serve are the highest quality beverages on the market. Testing for bacteria in beer helps breweries avoid beer spoilage or the risk of recall if they deliver spoiled beer to distributors before test results come in.


User-Friendly Platform

The CP (Concentrating Pipette) Select™ by InnovaPrep and the full Biomeme platform are both easy to use, so you don’t have to be a biologist or real-time PCR expert to quickly test your beverages for spoilage. 

So, next time you order a local brew at your favorite neighborhood pub, be rest assured that Biomeme and InnovaPrep have you and your brews back. 


Getting Started

We’re currently working with breweries that produce at least 90,000 barrels a year and distillers including specialty alcoholic beverages like seltzers, ciders, and teas. If you’d like to schedule some time to chat more about the solution, please send an email to

Learn more about Biomeme’s end-to-end real-time PCR platform here.

Learn more about InnovaPrep products here.

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