Meet the New Biomeme: Where Global Health Solutions Are Discovered

Written By: Max Perelman

A lot can change in a decade. 

We started 10 years ago as a venture among friends and family, each of whom was deeply and personally committed to impacting global health, each in their own way. Since then we’ve created an elite diagnostic platform, responded to a pandemic, and supplied the U.S. military with advanced testing capabilities for its fighting force.

We launched Biomeme focusing on creating a better diagnostic platform, and for 10 years we did that. 

Meanwhile, the world kept turning and a lot of things changed — including science.

Antibiotics are failing because pathogens are becoming resistant to them. Climate change is putting increased stress on humans, animals, and the environment. And global pandemics aren’t confined to movie screens and comic book pages anymore, but instead are all too real.

And while things changed, so did we. We grew our team, advanced our capabilities, improved our platforms, and developed critical partnerships. We grew into a company focused on improving overall global health and established ourselves as a regional leader in advanced biotechnology.

Now, it’s time we have an updated brand that reflects our growth and our mission.

We have the same name, but we have a new 50,000 square foot headquarters, new logo, colors, and brand aesthetic that is fresh, clean, and modern — all of which is designed to match our clarified purpose-driven mission.

Meet our co-founders

We’ve accomplished a lot in ten years, and our collective purpose is now reflected in our new brand. 

Science Has Changed. So Have We.

Our tests, technologies, and platforms offer answers on a molecular level faster than ever. So, we’ve made it our mission to fight global problems through the concept of improving One Health and combatting the interconnected health challenges facing humans, animals, plant life, waterways, and ecosystems all over the world. 

We are creating our innovative Host Response test and platform with the aim of providing healthcare professionals with faster and more confident solutions in the fight against the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis, all at the molecular scale. These are answers we didn’t have before. 

Our next generation technology uses the body’s own host immune response to provide threat-agnostic infection diagnostics so that healthcare providers can quickly differentiate bacterial, viral, and fungal infections at the point-of-need. This information allows them to make an accurate diagnosis and offer a treatment plan that will work instead of prescribing unnecessary antibiotics. Host response shows immense capability, even at these early stages, and there’s so much more to come.

Antibiotic misuse is extremely common globally and needs to be mitigated so that antimicrobials still have their effect on patients, and our Host Response platform looks to make that a possibility.

Collaborate With Us

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Innovative Technologies

Since aiding in the fight against AMR and other health issues, going forward we want to ensure the incredible work we do everyday makes an optimal impact on global health. 

Biomeme has three main points of focus within the new brand: Internal dynamics, market dynamics, and collaborative efforts with our partners, team members, and customers. 

  1. Internal dynamics: As a company who made a massive impact on pandemic testing, we sought the next challenge post-pandemic. Our revised and automated Franklin® ISP enables real time, on-site testing for rapid lab-quality results. Healthcare providers can swiftly make informed decisions, leading to improved healthcare outcomes. This technology is lightweight, wireless, and compact which allows professionals to use it virtually anywhere. This evens the playing field for all in healthcare, which allows us to work collectively toward better overall One Health: the interconnectedness between humans, plants, and animals. 

  2. Market dynamics: With the pandemic as a massive accelerator to our name and reputation, we looked ahead to future market demands. With our subsidiary CLIA lab network, One Health Labs, we were able to give answers to healthcare professionals, no matter their location or economic status. This achievement served as a motivating catalyst that accelerated our transition from unregulated markets to more substantial, regulated markets within the fields of biodefense and human health.

  3. Call for Collaboration: Ready to solve wicked problems? Our team actively collaborates with diverse healthcare systems to gather feedback and incorporate patient needs into our product development process. Presently, we are concentrating on health systems with Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) initiatives. This approach ensures that our ongoing tech advancements bolster patient care by aligning healthcare strategies with our product roadmap. As a partner, you gain early access to our technology, giving real-time insights to make informed decisions that foster individual patient well-being and drive global health initiatives forward. 

Discover More

What’s Next for Biomeme

A new brand means new opportunities. We’re excited to tackle new challenges and remain at the cutting edge of existing wicked problems. 

With our collaborators, we will remain ahead of the curve with our Host Response and AMR efforts. As a company, we will continue to promote and create new tests, technologies, and platforms.

Learn more about how we’re rising to meet the moment in protecting global health.

Regulatory Statement: Products currently under development and not approved/cleared by the FDA.

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Meet the New Biomeme: Where Global Health Solutions Are Discovered

A lot can change in a decade. We started 10 years ago as a venture among friends and family, each of whom was deeply and personally committed to impacting global health, each in their own way. Since...

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