Biomeme Visits Jefferson University

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Biomeme co-founder and Business Lead Max Perelman visited Thomas Jefferson University (or Jefferson University as it is affectionately known) to share the Biomeme platform with a group of researchers and medical professionals. The talk entitled "qPCR anywhere you need it - a tour of the Biomeme Platform" included a demo of Biomeme's end-to-end platform, including the shelf-stable sample prep and test kits, the two3™ mobile PCR device, and web portal. In addition, Max gave the first public demonstration of the company's next-generation device, the three9™.

Max explaining an example PCR curve generated by the Biomeme two3.
Max explaining an example PCR curve generated by the Biomeme two3.

Biomeme's offices are located very close to Jefferson University, so it was a real pleasure to share our story and to demonstrate the amazing Biomeme platform with our neighbors. We would like to say a special thank you to Megha Verma for inviting us to give this talk.

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"Porting our assay over to the Biomeme platform was surprisingly easy. We tested out their sample prep technology with our samples, tried out their bulk lyophilized master mix with our primers and probes, compared their mobile thermocycler to our lab-bound machine, and after various tests with consistent results, decided to kit our assay into their Go-Strips to aid our field research."

-BIOLOGY LEAD, Confidential Company

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