Jesse Presents at Ignite Philly

Jesse vanWestrienen, Biomeme's co-founder and biology lead, presents the Biomeme platform at Ignite Philly 13.

Biomeme started out by creating the first smartphone add-on capable of performing molecular diagnostics. Since our inception, we have used advanced biology and chemistry along with world-class hardware and software engineering to create elegant solutions to complex problems. Biomeme was founded on the idea that DNA is everywhere.

The Biomeme Platform

We make products that allow you to access the information stored inside DNA that allows you to make decisions using real-time PCR technology. Before you can test DNA, you need to isolate the DNA which is where Biomeme's sample prep kits comes into play. Once you've isolated the DNA, you can test for specific targets with Biomeme Go-Strips. Shelf-stable and field ready, our Go-Strips are designed to work with our M1 sample prep kits and real-time PCR thermocyclers to deliver "gold standard" performance. After your real-time PCR test, you can instantly see your results using the Biomeme Go smartphone app. Biomeme Go is an easy-to-use interface to program your custom thermocycling parameters, scan standard Biomeme Go-Strip tests, run your PCR experiments online or offline, quickly interpret your test results, and conveniently sync your data to the Biomeme Cloud.

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About Jesse

Jesse vanWestrienen leads the Biology team at Biomeme. His skills include qRT-PCR assay development, prototyping of nucleic acid isolation devices, and lyophilization development. Jesse received his BS in Biology from the University of New Mexico and joined the Infectious Disease program at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute conducting research in high containment facilities on influenza virus and SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV). There, he managed the Institute's Nucleic Acid Isolation and Quantitative Real-Time PCR Core Laboratory to implement qRT-PCR into a range of research projects.