June Maker's Meetup

Biomeme at Philadelphia Makers Meetup

Biomeme presented our portable, end-to-end real-time qPCR technology at the June Maker's Meetup at the Science Center in Philadelphia, PA on June 13th, 2017. The Makers Meetup brings together manufacturers and producers of all kinds, large and small, including entrepreneurs with 3D printers.

Dr. Basil M Harris, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Basil Leaf Technologies, was the keynote presenter. Dr. Harris and his team developed the DxtER™, a consumer medical device that won the global $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition.

We enjoyed meeting many of you in the Philadelphia Maker Community. Join the Makers Meetups page for continued updates about future showcases and events. We look forward to meeting many of you through these meetups!

Are you interested in running your own real-time PCR test using the end to end Biomeme platform? Check out our full suite of real-time PCR products - from DNA and RNA purification to running a qPCR test at the point of sample using a hand-held, portable PCR thermocycler to finally analyzing your real-time PCR test results - here.

"Porting our assay over to the Biomeme platform was surprisingly easy. We tested out their sample prep technology with our samples, tried out their bulk lyophilized master mix with our primers and probes, compared their mobile thermocycler to our lab-bound machine, and after various tests with consistent results, decided to kit our assay into their Go-Strips to aid our field research."

-Biology Lead, Confidential Company

Do you need to take your assay into the field, but you don't see an existing test on our website? We offer an open platform for quick on-site real-time PCR - you bring the primers; we’ll bring the master mix. Contact us to develop your real-time PCR assay for the Biomeme platform here.