Max Presents at Biomeme's Demo Day Pitch

Written By: Biomeme Staff

Biomeme was part of the 4-month DreamIt Health 2013 accelerator program in Philadelphia 4-7/2013. Max presented the team's background and new product.  While Max introduced Food Safety testing in agriculture as the first test focus, the company has since pivoted to focus on a number of markets including human health with the development of our sexually transmitted infection (STI) panel.

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"Porting our assay over to the Biomeme platform was surprisingly easy. We tested out their sample prep technology with our samples, tried out their bulk lyophilized master mix with our primers and probes, compared their mobile thermocycler to our lab-bound machine, and after various tests with consistent results, decided to kit our assay into their Go-Strips to aid our field research."

-BIOLOGY LEAD, Confidential Company

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