Vector Surveillance Webinar (Tick & Mosquito)

Written By: Biomeme Staff

Watch Ryan Ragland, Senior Molecular Biologist, as he brings the lab to the sample in our latest Vector Surveillance webinar.

In this 44 minute video, Ryan shows you how Biomeme's latest technology can help biosurveillance teams in the often austere, remote locations where many infectious diseases unpredictably and rapidly emerge prepare a tick sample, perform real-time PCR, and interpret the actionable results without shipping samples back to the lab.


Biomeme's real-time PCR platform can be used with a variety of samples types like:

  • Mosquito (Culicidae)
  • Tick (Ixodida)
  • Sand fly (Phlebotominae)
  • Midge (Chironomus spp.)
  • Kissing bug (Triatominae)

Biosurveillance teams, like the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE), use Biomeme's field-forward tools to meet the most urgent missions directly at the point of need. Learn how biosurveillance teams use Biomeme for their vector surveillance missions around the world here.

Biomeme has developed a plethora of tests for vector surveillance missions like the Mosquito-Borne Pathogen Panel, Pan-Dengue Virus test, Tick + Pathogen Panel, Pan-Rickettsia (Rickettsia Species) test, and more. Don't see a test that you need? Become a Biomeme Developer here.

About Ryan Ragland

Ryan is a human geneticist, cancer and molecular biologist with training in bioinformatics. Before he began his work with Biomeme, Inc. over 3 years ago, Ryan was an oncology research leader at the University of Pennsylvania for over 7 years, and before that worked in human genetics research in Michigan for over 8 years. Ryan has diverse experience working on molecular targets involved in the cell cycle, cancer development, DNA damage checkpoints, cell survival and programmed cell death, as well as experience working with mouse models of cancer. He obtained his Bachelors degree in Biology from Oberlin College and his PhD in Human Genetics from University of Michigan Medical School.

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