WCS Validates Canine Distemper Virus qPCR Test on Biomeme Platform

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Ania Tomaszewicz Brown, Denise McAloose, Paul P. Calle, Angelika Auer, Annika Posautz, Sally Slavinski, Robin Brennan, Chris Walzer, and Tracie A. Seimon developed a quantitative RT-PCR assay for Canine distemper virus (CDV) using our handheld two3™ qPCR thermocycler. CDV is a multi-host pathogen that can cause significant mortality in domestic, wild terrestrial and marine mammals. It is a major conservation threat in some endangered species. Infection can result in severe respiratory disease and fatal encephalitis.

Biomeme's extraction methodology, lyophilized reagents, and two3™ thermocycler were compared to standard laboratory-based methods to assess sensitivity, efficiency and overall test performance. Key takeaways include:

  • Results using a positive control plasmid for CDV showed comparable sensitivity (detection of 50 copies) and PCR efficiency between the two platforms, and CDV detection was similar between platforms when tested using a modified live CDV vaccine.
  • Significantly higher Ct values (average Ct = 5.1 cycles) were observed using the Biomeme platform on known CDV positive animal samples.
  • CDV detection using the Biomeme platform was similar in 25 of 26 samples from suspect CDV cases when compared to standard virology laboratory testing.
  • One false positive was observed that was negative upon retest.
  • Biomeme’s methodology eliminated the need for local or international sample transport typically seen in laboratory-based diagnostics.
  • Results of their testing suggested that decreased diagnostic sensitivity (higher Ct values) relative to laboratory-based methods was observed using animal samples, so careful validation and optimization are essential. (Biomeme’s two3™ qPCR thermocycler has since been retired and replaced with our latest Franklin™ qPCR thermocycler)

Read the full research article over at PLOS ONE to learn how portable qPCR platforms can empower biologists and wildlife health professionals in remote and low-resource settings to greatly improve their understanding of CDV disease ecology and associated conservation threats in wildlife.

Biomeme is supporting a number of Wildlife Conservation Society initiatives, including Border Control and eDNA Detection of Endangered Species:

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From everyone at Biomeme to our long time collaborators, thank you for giving our platform a chance and congratulations on a strong publication!

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Tomaszewicz Brown A, McAloose D, Calle PP, Auer A, Posautz A, Slavinski S, et al. (2020) Development and validation of a portable, point-of-care canine distemper virus qPCR test. PLoS ONE 15(4): e0232044. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0232044