Empowering Precision Healthcare with Biomeme's HR-B/V Test

Written By: Biomeme Staff

Biomeme pioneers a new era in healthcare with the  HR-B/V platform. Our host response molecular testing, based on decades of research and collaboration with leading institutions, empowers healthcare professionals to accurately differentiate bacterial and viral infections, transforming patient care globally.

Why Choose Biomeme's HR-B/V Platform?

With a profound understanding of the human immune system, Biomeme is at the forefront of a diagnostic paradigm shift. For millions of years, the immune system has evolved, and only now, with our advanced technology, can we decipher the body’s host response. Biomeme’s HR-B/V Platform is not just a new diagnostic tool; it’s a leap forward in healthcare.

In a world where traditional diagnostic methods fall short, healthcare professionals stand to benefit greatly from this new platform. Beyond its commitment to accuracy and efficiency, the platform directly addresses critical challenges prevailing in contemporary healthcare.

So, what does that mean for you and why should you embrace the HR-B/V platform?

  • Enhanced Insights: Our test delves deep into an individual's immune system, equipping doctors with swift and precise diagnostic capabilities, and enabling them to make more informed decisions in various healthcare settings.
  • Diagnostic Stewardship: In alignment with Biomeme’s mission to decentralize molecular diagnostics, the HR-B/V platform champions responsible testing. By enabling precise identification of bacterial and viral infections, it’s playing a pivotal role in guiding appropriate medical interventions and preventing unnecessary treatments.
  • Economic Efficiency: Beyond the immediate benefits to patient health, Biomeme’s platform aids healthcare providers in cost reduction. By avoiding unnecessary medical resources, clinic visits, and additional testing, it streamlines the diagnostic process.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: The platform consolidates comprehensive diagnostic capabilities into a compact, user-friendly tool, elevating the performance of molecular labs.
  • Antibiotic Stewardship: Accurate differentiation between bacterial and viral infections ensures antibiotics are prescribed only when necessary, supporting worldwide efforts against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
  • Empowering Patients: Patients receive comprehensive answers and effective solutions, empowering them in their healthcare journey.

What Makes Biomeme's HR-B/V Platform Unique?

Biomeme distinguishes itself through its emphasis on the intricacies of host response testing, specifically exploring mRNA host gene expression rather than traditional protein-based methods. This unique approach offers a more profound understanding of the host’s response to infections. With its acquisition of Predigen, a spin-out from Duke University and a global leader in the development of host gene expression signatures, Biomeme’s HR-B/V platform takes a distinctive stance, leveraging an extensive blood bank of specimens and cutting-edge technologies for comprehensive and insightful analysis of host response patterns.


What does this mean for precision healthcare?

 Choosing Biomeme's HR-B/V test goes beyond individual patient care; it's a commitment to supporting physicians, laboratories, and the healthcare environment. By providing clear and objective information, Biomeme empowers healthcare professionals to handle critical situations with confidence and precision, optimizing resource use and contributing to effective infection management.

Join the Solution with Biomeme

When you partner with Biomeme, you're not just investing in a platform – you’re accessing a suite of cutting-edge solutions. Our commitment to being a lab-friendly, cost-effective partner ensures that you contribute to revolutionizing healthcare without compromising on quality.

Our devotion to innovation, backed by partnerships with renowned institutions like the ARLG and the DOD, ensures that Biomeme remains at the forefront of diagnostic advancements. Join us in this transformative journey — where healthcare meets precision and patient outcomes are optimized. The future of healthcare deserves nothing less.

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Empowering Precision Healthcare with Biomeme's HR-B/V Test

Biomeme pioneers a new era in healthcare with the HR-B/V platform. Our host response molecular testing, based on decades of research and collaboration with leading institutions, empowers healthcare...

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