Introducing HR-B/V: A Leap in Diagnostic Stewardship

Written By: Biomeme Staff

It’s no secret that there are major issues in the healthcare industry, including breakdowns in doctor-patient communication, delayed test results, and information gaps. Even after consulting with healthcare professionals, patients often lack a comprehensive understanding of their illnesses.

To address these issues, healthcare practitioners require access to more precise diagnostic tools that can furnish patients with clear insights into their conditions in a timely manner. Delayed diagnoses can result in inappropriate use of antibiotics, the main culprit of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), longer hospital stays, and worsening of infections, all which can overwhelm the healthcare industry. 

Our host response diagnostics provide enhanced insights into an individual's immune system, enabling practitioners to arrive at quicker and more precise diagnosis. HR-B/V, our new host response test, specifically, is measuring the host immune response to differentiate bacterial and viral infections within a short timeframe. As a molecular-level test designed to differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, it aims to provide practitioners with the critical information they need to offer better care to their patients.

Tom Cook, Biomeme’s Director of Marketing and Product, says,

“The idea here is that our test takes a holistic approach to characterizing disease to make clinical care more effective and efficient.”


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What Does This Mean for Healthcare?

We have several goals for our HR-B/V platform, and they each work hand-in-hand with one another. 

Our goals are to be able to streamline the following issues in healthcare:



Delayed Diagnoses


Delayed Diagnosis - Especially in an emergency setting, rapid diagnosis is essential for getting patients in a severe life-threatening situation the care they need faster. Because healthcare professionals can get accurate answers in a timely manner, they are able to administer the care needed to support patient health.


Antimicrobial Resistance - Seeking early diagnosis is also essential to winning the race against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Without early differential diagnosis, healthcare providers may not be able to accurately identify the specific pathogen causing an infection. This can lead to delays in starting appropriate treatment, as broad-spectrum antibiotics may be prescribed initially. Delayed treatment can also allow the infection to worsen, increasing the risk of complications and making it more difficult to treat effectively.
Spread Harmful PathogensSpread Harmful Pathogens


Spread of Harmful Pathogens - When a patient builds up a tolerance to antibiotics, it means they won’t respond effectively to treatment. When infections are not accurately diagnosed and treated promptly, the pathogens responsible for the infections may continue to spread within healthcare facilities and communities. This can increase the chances of transmission of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and other microbes.

Joe Tumolo, Biomeme’s VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships, says,

“AMR is a global health threat but it’s also very impactful in local communities. There are a number of cases that our HR-B/V fills the void in how a physician can best treat their patients at a micro-level.”

Escalating Healthcare Costs


Escalating Healthcare Costs - Delayed or inappropriate treatment can result in re-admissions and prolonged hospital stays, additional medical interventions, and increased healthcare costs. Treating infections caused by resistant pathogens can be particularly expensive, as more specialized and costly antibiotics may be required.
Resource Shortage


Resource Shortage - Not only are there delays with physicians and patients, but laboratories across the industry don’t have the resources, staff, and proper testing needed for seamless diagnoses. HR-B/V offers everything the labs need for bacterial and viral inspection in a much more accessible platform.

Cook says,

“It’s a versatile piece of equipment that's a time saver with a small footprint. It can do almost everything larger pieces of lab equipment can do. And the anticipated Biomeme cost of entry is relatively low for labs.”


Be a Part of the Solution

When you partner with Biomeme, you’re investing in a company that has a clear path to fundamentally transforming care beginning with antimicrobial stewardship. We're well equipped to provide the best-in-class testing solutions for acute infection, sepsis mortality risk, and response to treatment using cutting edge host response signatures.

We plan to be a lab-friendly, cost effective solution and look forward to working with you.


Products currently under development and not approved/cleared by the FDA.

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It’s no secret that there are major issues in the healthcare industry, including breakdowns in doctor-patient communication, delayed test results, and information gaps. Even after consulting with...

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