Say Hello to Our New M1 Sample Prep™ Cartridge Kit!

Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Cartridge Kit

We’ve officially launched our brand new sample prep form factor - the Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Cartridge Kit for DNA, DNA-HI, RNA and eDNA. It’s a compact mobile solution for the extraction of purified nucleic acids (in about 1-2 minutes) from a variety of target types (e.g., viruses, gram neg/pos bacteria, archaea, spores, algae) and sample matrices (e.g., arthropods, tissue, plant material, swabs, filters, whole blood, transport media, homogenates, environmental water, urine, etc.).

  • DNA: for smaller volume liquids (e.g. whole blood) and direct swabs
  • DNA-HI (High Concentration): for larger volume liquids such as urine, transport media, environmental water, and homogenates
  • DNA-HI + Homogenization Kit: for samples requiring homogenization (e.g. eDNA water/air filters, tissues, food, mosquitoes, etc.)
  • RNA: for smaller volume liquids (e.g., whole blood) and direct swabs

Keeping in mind the portability and ease-of-use of our platform, these cartridges perform equally as well as our previous form factor and continue the trend of requiring no lab equipment, refrigeration, electricity, incubation, alcohol precipitation or phenol chloroform extraction. Instead, they utilize a filtration-based method in which nucleic acids selectively bind the silica membrane inside our proprietary M1 Sample Prep Columns. Subsequent washes through a sequence of specially formulated buffers yield purified nucleic acids upon elution.

If you were looking to combine speed and performance, then you found it. See it in action here!

The Biomeme M1 Cartridge is available now for purchase at for $450. Each kit contains everything required to prep 30 samples.

"We work in the field regularly and this cartridge doesn't require any extra lab equipment, refrigeration, or cold chain. This is critical for us. The single-use, disposables minimize contamination which definitely adds to the benefits we've experienced thus far."

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer | Precision Biomonitoring, Inc.

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